Therapy In Motion

Health Plans Accepted

Our motto is “We Treat the Patient, NOT the Insurance Company.” While we accept every major plan in the NY metro area, we know that sometimes insurance carriers do not have the same rehabilitation goals as our patients and therapists. This is why we prioritize the treatment plan above the insurance plan.

We work with a variety of Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplement Plans. Simply call our office to learn how your insurance may be billed for physical therapy services.


Some insurance plans require prior authorization from the patient’s primary care office. We can help you navigate this requirement.

Other Services

For all insurance inquiries please call our office during normal business hours.

We Accept the following insurances for Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy

Physician Referral

Please bring your physician’s prescription to the appointment.

Self Referral

If you do not wish to get a provider prescription, treatment will be $75 per session.


No Fault

Workers Compensation

Early Intervention

Board of Education RSA