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Infant Torticollis Treatment

This office specializes in the treatment of Torticollis also known as “tilted baby neck”. Torticollis has become very prevalent over the last 15 years and is easily correctable when diagnosed early on. Our office treat babies as early as 4 weeks old with an excellent track record with over 4000 successful outcomes & many references. We are the number one office recommended by most Pediatrician’s for the last 10 years in Boro-Park, Brooklyn for this diagnosis as well as many other pediatric physical therapy needs.

Our office accepts most insurances and is an accredited Early Intervention Facility licensed by the Department of Health. This means that whichever method you prefer we have you covered. We also treat Board of Education / RSA cases in our office.


Torticollis Exercises


Cranial Helmets for Babies

If your baby is diagnosed with Infant Flat Head Syndrome and is between the ages of 3 and 18 months, your clinician may prescribe a cranial helmet. This is a non-invasive treatment to correct flat head and allow your child’s head to grow naturally. Helmets are custom molded to encourage the skull to become more symmetrical and/or proportional.

A cranial helmet does not squeeze the baby’s head into shape, but rather redirects growth and provides the space into which the flattened portion of the skull can grow. Early intervention starting between three and eight months of age yields the best results. This strategic time period captures rapid cranial growth, and the helmet directs the growth towards greater skull symmetry and proportion. Babies’ heads are soft and malleable and even gentle external forces, whether met in the womb or in baby’s daily routine, can cause misshaping.

Our therapists have extensive experience consulting for the need of a helmet and directing families through the process. Sometimes insurance companies may add hurdles; our office helps parents navigate every step of the way in a seamless manner.


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