Infant Torticollis Treatment

Torticollis is a condition that occurs when the muscle that runs up and toward the back of the neck becomes tight, weakened, or thickened, causing the head to tilt; the chin points toward one shoulder while the head tilts toward the opposite shoulder. The most common form of this condition is congenital muscular torticollis (CMT), which affects infants and is generally diagnosed within the first 2 months of life; however, torticollis also can occur in adults.

An adult, child, or infant may keep the head tilted and/or rotated toward 1 side of the body as attempting to straighten the neck is difficult or painful. For example, if the muscle on the left side of the neck is shortened, weak, or in spasm—the head may tilt toward the left shoulder and rotate toward the right.

The office specializes in Torticollis (tilted neck), postural dysfunction (forward head, scoliosis), Early Intervention issues (gait, delayed milestones, low tone) and all pediatric orthopedic surgeries. Our therapists are advanced orthopedic physical therapy clinicians.

We take most insurances to treat children of all ages beginning at 8 weeks of age. Our therapists are highly specialized in pediatrics with many years of experience, training, and skill. When it comes to your child there really is a difference of whom treats your loved one. Experience and reputation are key; Therapy-In-Motion therapists work hand-in-hand with most pediatricians and orthopedics to collaborate in true team fashion on all aspects of the child's care.

Insurance and Early Intervention

Call our office to learn how treatment can be delivered through either Early Intervention or Insurance. Let's discuss which course of action is best for your child.



Download or print our torticollis home treatment exercises.

Torticollis Exercises

torticollis exercises