Patient Responses

"Dear Abe & Staff: Thank you for taking such good care of our little boy. You put us at ease with your kind words and expertise. Your gentle touch and way cured my son! We will forever be grateful!"-Deborah

"Thank you Dr. Kopolovich for treating your patients with so much patience. I'm really glad for being referred to you and having such a great staff too. May Hashem help you to continue to help others like us"- Sara

"My experience at Therapy-In-Motion, PC was unforgettable. The therapists and aides were warm & welcoming. They gave me an opportunity to develop my skills as a therapist"-Katie, Student Physical Therapist

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"Dear Abe & Staff: Thank you so much for everything. It was amazing to see how nice and helpful everyone was at each visit. The staff always had a big smile on their face"-Miriam

"Dear Dr. Kopolovich: I still remember the day I walked into your office. I was tired, confused and both physically and emotionally in a lot of pain. If it weren't for your genuine care and concern to help me get better after my car accident, I am not sure I would of helped my self. Your true passion and care has remained sincere throughout my treatment and I will forever be grateful. Even my mother (who has never met you) was impressed with your therapy!"-Malka

"Dear Dr. Kopolovich: Thank you for everything! Thank you for being so nice to my mother! Thank-you for waiting so patiently for payment. Wishing you and your staff all the best"- Mrs. S.

"Thank you Dr. Kopolovich. Our gratitude to you is hard to express for working with Baruch with such selflessness. Your consistency and structure made each session a success. You utilized each moment and spent each second to its fullest. Your devotion was unusual and because of you Baruch made great strides, thank you!"-The B. family

Dear Dr. Kopolovich: Words can not express the appreciation we have for you. With your heart and soul you work and accomplished too. Your gentle work is hard to find, thank you for being one of a kind!"-Yoely

"Dear Abe: Just a note to thank you to you and your staff for helping me recover both mentally and physically from my accident"-Mrs. M.

"Dear Dr. Kopolovich: Thank you for what you did for me and my wife. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated. There are no words to express how you went above and beyond to help us. May Hashem Bless you and your staff"-Binyomin

"Dr. Abe Kopolovich is an amazing doctor. He knows his stuff backwards and forwards. I would recommend his practice to anyone in need of a physical therapist. The staff is very friendly and are always willing to help. I felt better in my first two weeks !! "-M. Greenspan

"Dear Dr. Kopolovich: Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am now, with your caring manner and patience in a very pleasant relaxing atmosphere"-Eva

"Dear Dr. Kopolovich & Staff: I feel that thank you can not express the huge hakores hatov I feel towards you. Your excellent care and genuine warmth has done so much more than just relieve my pain! Thank you for all the weeks of your personal attention. May Hashem grant you much success and may you continue to help others as you have tremendously helped me!"-Shani

"Dr. Abe: The care and comfort you rendered my mother during her illness will always be remembered"-Margaret

"Dr. Kopolovich was able to help me with leg pain. He was very patient and attended to my medical needs. I would recommend his office to anyone with similar issues. The front desk staff is also accommodating with scheduling and making appointments at the best time for me. "-Scarlette

"Dear Dr. Kopolovich: There are no words that can express our gratitude towards you and your staff. Your pleasant personality, professionalism, and loads of patience surely portrays what a good therapist you are. Miri and her family will never forget your kindness. May Hashem give you strength to help many more people, thank you"-Avrum

"Dear Dr. Abe: My family joins me in thanking you for the letter. You wrote so eloquently and your words were better than gold to us. Please know how greatful we are for all that you did and especially that you took the time to write to us. Such a gift when we needed it most"-Jannete

"On behalf of Nachas Health & Family Network, Inc. I would like to express my utmost appreciation for your participation in the Women's Day of Health. With your help, we were successfully able to provide the hundreds of partcipating women with free medical screenings as well as health education. Your patience and care with each individual was most thoughtful"-Hindy H., Event Coordinator

"My experience at Therapy-In-Motion, PC was unforgettable. The therapists and aides were warm & welcoming. They gave me an opportunity to develop my skills as a therapist"-Katie, Student Physical Therapist